Internet Marketing – What Are the Pros and Cons?

Are you looking for the easiest and effective way to market? Business marketing is now one of the largest methods to make money. There are lots of successful businessmen who keep themselves updated with the latest trends in marketing. If you want to achieve the peak of success in this field, you might enter internet marketing. This style requires the use of technological support to fully attain the productivity of the business. This is one of the massively used business marketing styles by most of the large business marketing companies.

What is internet marketing?

This is the latest marketing style that is also known as online marketing. This involves the use of web and electronic mail to advertise and to directly sell products. This is possibly manifested through the help of electronic commerce that serves as the gateway of sales from websites to other sites. This marketing method is the development of traditional advertising such as magazines, newspapers, television and radio.

What are the areas of internet marketing?

This marketing method that uses the power of internet is divided into several areas including:

Social Media
Are you fond of visiting social network sites? Are you often of giving comments and tagging photos? Then, this is one way to market products. Social media comprises both marketing and advertising acts which commonly include viral marketing. The largest social network sites that can help you advertise and market products are Twitter, Digg, YouTube and Facebook.

This marketing style involves the presence of affiliate marketing websites, e-commerce websites, informative websites, organic search engine results through SEO and online advertising on search engines.

This area of online marketing encompasses advertising and promotional marketing acts that use e-mail messages directly to present and potential customers.

What are the advantages?

The world is now getting smarter and more advanced. There are successful business advertisers and marketers who shift from traditional to modern marketing style. Internet marketing is now the world’s primary marketing and advertising method to win more clients. This marketing method brings several advantages such as:

low cost
One of the important benefits of engaging into this internet or online marketing is the capacity to reduce marketing cost. Specifically, this will help to save you from staffing cost, location, and financial management.

Marketing through the use of internet is a better way to get the attention of the people. There are lots of people who are using internet for several purposes. According to some studies, there are millions of online users who can see online advertising every day.

Making money through online is much easier than the traditional marketing methods. You have a great opportunity to get more clients within a short period of time. This method does not require too much time and effort to make a deal with your potential clients. By simply clicking the site, they can have transaction with you. In the present time, it is considered as the easiest way to market and advertise your products.

The main objective to the development and employment of modern marketing methods is to help business marketers in achieving consistent business production. Internet Marketing might have several benefits but it requires your knowledge and proper management to get the benefits that are right for you.

How To Select A Mailing List For Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Do you have a strategy for selecting mailing lists that can make you profitable? If not, then you should. Because with all direct mail campaigns, the number 1 key to success or failure is the list. And if you’re like most business owners, you have no idea of how to go about selecting mailing lists to market to.

Well luckily, selecting a mailing list isn’t hard at all. I’m pretty sure you’re thinking: “Well yeah a mailing list is easy to find. Simply gather names from out of the phonebook.” Unfortunately, this way of thinking is what keeps most business owners from having the most success.

You see there are 2 different kinds of mailing lists available to you. The first kind of list is something that you probably know quite well, and that list is called a “compiled list”. A compiled list is exactly how it sounds. All you’re doing is looking in the phone book for people to mail to, and hopefully wait to get a response. I personally don’t like this method because every time I tried it, I got no responses. And I’m sure if you tried it, you didn’t get any responses either.

Instead, use a different kind of list – a list that has the exact group of people that are related to your business or product and service. This kind of list is called a “direct response list”, and it’s named so because everyone in this particular list has bought something. These are the people who you want to do business with.

You can even segment a list by how large the average sales transaction was on their last order. If you find a group of people who spent $200 on something, you will want to match that price with a new offer to this group of people. You don’t want to insult people’s intelligence with a low-ball offer. So come correct and find a group of people that has spent somewhere near the amount that your product is, before in their past.

Now you should know that the more niche specific you get with your list, the more expensive it’s going to become for you. But this isn’t always a bad thing. I know some marketers who would gladly put up thousands of dollars on a mailing list because these group of marketers are selling a high priced product, and are doing it successfully. The key lies in the offer, and the quality of list that you select.

Before we, I want to tell you about another mailing list that is even more responsive than a direct response list. This list that I am talking about is probably something that you’ve overlooked and haven’t paid much attention to. The list that I’m talking about is your own customer list.

Your customers are the group of people who like you, know you, and are willing to do business with you again – so you shouldn’t neglect these people. Take the time out to develop direct mail campaigns to market to your customers. 80% of your entire business profits will come from sales on the backend, so this is an area that you can’t forget about.

While you’re contacting them, ask them if they can give you a referral. Tell them in return, they’ll receive a free gift. This is a great way to contact your customers, and also to potentially get a new customer also. So don’t ignore your customer list.

All of these tips will help you to gain the upper hand when doing direct mail.

Be sure to utilize these direct mail tips today to have success in your business immediately.

How to Develop the Right Direct Marketing Mix For Your Business

Direct marketing is a type of marketing that communicates directly with the prospect or customer. It should have a clear call to action and is often measurable. It is generally used to acquire or retain profitable customers. There are a number of different channels available to you, each offering different benefits and costings.

Direct Mail

Every household in the modern world no doubt receives several mail shots per year. This is often referred to as junk mail generally because many people don’t like receiving it through their letterbox. Because of this negative connotation it is critical that any Direct Mail that you send is highly targeted and personalized. The more personalized and relevant your mailing is, the higher your response rates will be. If you have a large customer base, it is beneficial to segment them based on the data you hold about them. This way you can try and personalize your message to that particular group.

Within your letter you need to have a clear call to action so customers know how to buy your product or service. If you are a complete beginner it would be beneficial to employ a creative agency to support you, however this could be costly.

The biggest advantage of Direct Mail is that it is completely measurable so you can track how it is performing incrementally. You would need to set up a no contact control cell within your mailed population in order to understand who would have bought your product anyway. In terms of cost, Direct Mail is generally more expensive than online channels due to the postage costs so it is probably an option for a more established business with a larger marketing budget.

Door drops

Door drops are less targeted mail shots or flyers delivered through your letterbox. They are not addressed to the householder personally. You will have seen local takeaway and taxi cab firms use door drops and they can be effective as a localized marketing strategy for acquiring new customers. If you can offer a discount this will increase your response but don’t expect to see great results.


This is another form of direct marketing that can be intrusive so proceed with caution. There are outbound and inbound options depending if you call the customer or they are calling you. You must ensure that you have permission to contact them by phone otherwise you could be breaching data protection laws. It is beneficial to position the call as a courtesy call prior to offering any product or service. This will put customers at ease and make them more receptive to talking to you. This can be an expensive channel as you have the network charges to cover as well as staff if you don’t have time to make the calls yourself.

Email marketing

Email marketing follows the same principles as direct mail in that you are mailing to your prospects or customer base. Again this is a measurable channel and is cost effective as you don’t have the postage costs to consider. The barrier to email marketing can be the filters that classify emails as spam. This could mean that your prospects don’t actually receive your email. This channel is a great way for you to connect with your customers or prospects and offer them real value.

Direct Sales

Direct sales is not specifically direct marketing as it generally involves sales agents selling your product or service but it is another option for your marketing mix. You could employ a direct sales agency to sell your product on your behalf for a fee. This channel can be cost effective if you have the right staff and a relevant offer for the customer.

These are a handful of direct marketing channels to consider when you are planning your marketing activity. Each one has their own merit depending on your objectives for your business and your budget. Always bear in mind that it is important to have more than one marketing channel in your portfolio in case you start to see a reduction in your response rates. This can often happen when you are in a saturated marketplace.