Changes in Real Estate Marketing You Need To Know About in 2015

Real Estate Marketing is ever changing. With technology becoming so front and center you can no longer rely on print advertising in the newspaper or Just Listed – Just Sold postcards to get the job done. So… where should you spend your real estate advertising budget in 2015? What is the golden ticket?

Facebook Ads for Real Estate

The big winner in real estate advertising for 2015 is going to be Facebook Ads. Almost every REALTOR has a Facebook Business Page. If you pay attention, you may have noticed that the reach of your posts from Facebook Business Pages have substantially went down over the last year or so. They will continue to go down as EdgeRank continues to update. OK, for the techies out there—its no longer called EdgeRank. The ranking system that Facebook now uses to decide what posts are seen and by whom, no longer has a nifty name. Its now simply considered Facebook’s News Feed Ranking. In the past, Facebook used the number of likes, the amount of interaction and the decay of a post to determine which posts would be seen. Today, it is much more complex and regardless of the relationship—your Facebook Business Page Posts will barely been seen by anyone without some level of advertising. Starting January 1, 2015 the Facebook algorithm for display gets much more aggressive in only showing paid advertising. Facebook has gone as far as starting to Limit Promotional Posts from business pages.

Lets face it… Facebook is a business. In order for them to appease their shareholders Facebook must generate advertising dollars. You may have noticed that now when you post from your Facebook Business Page you are offered to “Boost This Post”. Although we may all long for the glory days of using Facebook for free advertising, the winners in 2015 will quickly adapt to paying for Facebook reach with targeted ads.

Consider the fact that Facebook knows everything about its users. What they like, where they live, their age, what music they listen to, where they eat, what they watch, what their interests are and so forth. It becomes abundantly obvious that this is an incredibly powerful tool for targeted marketing. If I want to advertise to real estate agents in New Orleans, I can simply run an add and have it only displayed (directly in their Newsfeed) to people who are in the National Association of REALTORS Facebook Group and live within 60 miles of New Orleans. I can also pick a specific gender, age, or any other criteria I wish. With the “average” Facebook user spending almost 7 hours a month on the site, that can be money well spent. As a matter of fact, that may be why you are reading this right now!

So How Do I Convert From Facebook Ads?

Creating and targeting on Facebook is only half the battle. Getting clicks on a Facebook ad doesn’t put money in your pocket… but getting a new buyer or seller does! The key to a successful marketing campaign using Facebook Ads is having those ads drive the end user directly to your website. Even more specific, driving them to a custom built landing page on your website. That custom landing page should back up exactly what you said in your ad and entice the user to “click” for more information. And by “click” I mean give you their information. Needless to say, YOU MUST reply to any engagement within 5 minutes or everything you have just done is fruitless. In addition, you should have multiple ads resolving to multiple landing pages — and do daily analytics to see which ones are the most successful in getting results. You can adjust your advertising spend on Facebook daily and you should double down on the ads/landing pages that work.

Are Other Forms of Advertisement Dead?

Absolutely not! Any successful marketer will tell you, a successful marketing strategy should be diversified and consistent. In an age with postage increases, you may have noticed substantially less junk mail. That being said, you can still generate results from properly designed and strategized direct mail campaigns. Pay Per Click is still the a force to be reckoned with for internet advertising and isn’t going away any time soon. You still need a business card and you still should be socializing, blogging about real estate and getting the word out about how great you are. I will say that with Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents being in its infancy, the early adopters will reap huge benefits.

I Don’t Have Time For All That

Here it is… our Shameless Plug. If you don’t have time to design your Facebook ad, build the landing page, analyze the results and make daily changes, DEAN Knows can do that for you. You will still have to reply to your new clients—and don’t take that lightly, if not responded to within five minutes, they are lost.

Hire a List Broker For Your Marketing Needs

If you have a business and wish to see more results, a list broker might be exactly what you are looking for.

List brokers are agents that help businesses carry out direct marketing campaigns. Many times a list broker acts as the middle man in matching businesses with lists of people who would be most interested in the product the business is offering. List brokers also give valuable information about price guidelines and other consultation about purchases lists of data.

Direct marketing is a form of marketing that is individualistic in that it first takes marketing to a much more direct level. Rather than putting up billboards or signs, direct marketing lists are provided to businesses, which in turn use them to send out mail, emails and at times telemarketing. Direct marketing also revolves highly around track able and measurable positive responses from consumers. Many times the form of advertisement will require a direct action taken by the consumer such as a phone call or a visit to a certain website.

Direct marketing lists can prove extremely helpful to businesses in that they provide real results that are tangible. If a company sends out 10,000 mailers and receives even just 100 replies, the 100 replies is a measurable number. With indirect marketing, it is much more difficult to calculate the efficiency of the company’s marketing strategies.

Hiring a list broker for your company can be extremely beneficial in that they will help you create a direct marketing list that will cater to your exact needs and specifications.

2 Reasons Niche Marketing Is The Way To Go

Niche marketing is important for a number of reasons. The first reason is because you can operate in a competition free zone. Now even though a lot of the niches that you see today contain some form of competition, you will still be able to turn a profit as opposed to if you didn’t go into a niche.

If you’re looking for a way to go into a niche, begin by focusing on your business first. We can sit and talk about all the different kinds of ways that other business owners can go into a niche, but instead we will talk about yours. Here’s the first reason why you should consider going into a niche:

1) Less cost

You won’t have to advertise more of your money to get your message across in your niche. This means you can save money, all while collecting as much leads and sales as possible. To do this, you will want to test and track your results. If you find that an ad in a niche publication surpasses what you get from advertising in a different medium or newspaper – I would stick to advertising in this publication alone.

With the less cost of advertising, you’ll get to save some of that money and use it to spend elsewhere in your business. This one reason alone for going into a niche can be considered a pro. Plus, you can easily regain the cost of acquiring the customer – if you choose to use backend marketing. Here’s another reason why going into a niche is a good idea.

2) Be perceived as an expert

When you go into a niche, almost immediately you’re perceived as an expert. People will come to you simply because they believe in your talents, and they feel like you can deliver results. As an expert in your niche, you have a lot of credibility. You can inspire confidence in your prospects because they believe you are the obvious person for the job.

With an expert status in your niche, almost everybody will know you. You can gain market dominance, and can automatically build a brand in your business. This will help you to stand out from the rest of your competitors, and will help you to gain as much dominance as possible.

Another thing that you should know is that whenever someone has a problem, they will contact you first. This is because they value your information, and that they will be willing to learn everything that they can to improve their sales and profits. With that being said, I thin it’s a technique that you should be using in your business today.

Most of the techniques that you hear about when it comes to going into a niche are sound advice. Niche marketing is a technique that that many people don’t seem to understand. If you can incorporate this into your business strategy, you will find that you can stand to profit immensely from this strategy.

Good luck with making these niche marketing tips work for you today in your business.