Changes in Real Estate Marketing You Need To Know About in 2015

Real Estate Marketing is ever changing. With technology becoming so front and center you can no longer rely on print advertising in the newspaper or Just Listed – Just Sold postcards to get the job done. So… where should you spend your real estate advertising budget in 2015? What is the golden ticket?

Facebook Ads for Real Estate

The big winner in real estate advertising for 2015 is going to be Facebook Ads. Almost every REALTOR has a Facebook Business Page. If you pay attention, you may have noticed that the reach of your posts from Facebook Business Pages have substantially went down over the last year or so. They will continue to go down as EdgeRank continues to update. OK, for the techies out there—its no longer called EdgeRank. The ranking system that Facebook now uses to decide what posts are seen and by whom, no longer has a nifty name. Its now simply considered Facebook’s News Feed Ranking. In the past, Facebook used the number of likes, the amount of interaction and the decay of a post to determine which posts would be seen. Today, it is much more complex and regardless of the relationship—your Facebook Business Page Posts will barely been seen by anyone without some level of advertising. Starting January 1, 2015 the Facebook algorithm for display gets much more aggressive in only showing paid advertising. Facebook has gone as far as starting to Limit Promotional Posts from business pages.

Lets face it… Facebook is a business. In order for them to appease their shareholders Facebook must generate advertising dollars. You may have noticed that now when you post from your Facebook Business Page you are offered to “Boost This Post”. Although we may all long for the glory days of using Facebook for free advertising, the winners in 2015 will quickly adapt to paying for Facebook reach with targeted ads.

Consider the fact that Facebook knows everything about its users. What they like, where they live, their age, what music they listen to, where they eat, what they watch, what their interests are and so forth. It becomes abundantly obvious that this is an incredibly powerful tool for targeted marketing. If I want to advertise to real estate agents in New Orleans, I can simply run an add and have it only displayed (directly in their Newsfeed) to people who are in the National Association of REALTORS Facebook Group and live within 60 miles of New Orleans. I can also pick a specific gender, age, or any other criteria I wish. With the “average” Facebook user spending almost 7 hours a month on the site, that can be money well spent. As a matter of fact, that may be why you are reading this right now!

So How Do I Convert From Facebook Ads?

Creating and targeting on Facebook is only half the battle. Getting clicks on a Facebook ad doesn’t put money in your pocket… but getting a new buyer or seller does! The key to a successful marketing campaign using Facebook Ads is having those ads drive the end user directly to your website. Even more specific, driving them to a custom built landing page on your website. That custom landing page should back up exactly what you said in your ad and entice the user to “click” for more information. And by “click” I mean give you their information. Needless to say, YOU MUST reply to any engagement within 5 minutes or everything you have just done is fruitless. In addition, you should have multiple ads resolving to multiple landing pages — and do daily analytics to see which ones are the most successful in getting results. You can adjust your advertising spend on Facebook daily and you should double down on the ads/landing pages that work.

Are Other Forms of Advertisement Dead?

Absolutely not! Any successful marketer will tell you, a successful marketing strategy should be diversified and consistent. In an age with postage increases, you may have noticed substantially less junk mail. That being said, you can still generate results from properly designed and strategized direct mail campaigns. Pay Per Click is still the a force to be reckoned with for internet advertising and isn’t going away any time soon. You still need a business card and you still should be socializing, blogging about real estate and getting the word out about how great you are. I will say that with Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents being in its infancy, the early adopters will reap huge benefits.

I Don’t Have Time For All That

Here it is… our Shameless Plug. If you don’t have time to design your Facebook ad, build the landing page, analyze the results and make daily changes, DEAN Knows can do that for you. You will still have to reply to your new clients—and don’t take that lightly, if not responded to within five minutes, they are lost.

Why Is Mental Health And Wellbeing Important For Heavy Vehicle Drivers?

The importance of mental health and wellbeing for everyone, not just heavy vehicle drivers,
Good mental health and wellbeing are important aspects of anyone’s life, not just heavy vehicle drivers. It enables people to cope with the stresses of daily life and maintain a positive outlook on life. When someone’s mental health is good, they are able to think more clearly, make better decisions, and relate better to others.

How heavy vehicle driving can be a stressful job
Heavy vehicle drivers often face unique stressors that can have a negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing. These stressors can include long hours, tight deadlines, dangerous driving conditions, and separation from family and friends. Maintaining good mental health is essential for these drivers so they can continue to perform at their best both on and off the job. Usually, heavy rigid training in Melbourne conducts certain aspects of how to maintain your mental health when driving.

These drivers can often feel isolated and alone, especially when they are on the road for long periods of time. It is important for them to have a support network that they can rely on, whether it be friends, family, or other drivers in their fleet. Taking the time to talk about any concerns or issues that they are facing can help these drivers feel more connected and supported.

It is also important for heavy vehicle drivers to take care of their physical health as well as their mental health. This includes getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly. All of these things can help to improve moods and overall wellbeing.

By taking care of their mental health and wellbeing, heavy vehicle drivers can reduce the risk of experiencing stress-related problems such as:

Digestive problems

Maintaining good mental health and wellbeing is important for everyone, but it is especially important for heavy vehicle drivers. This is because the stress of the job can be quite significant and can take a toll on both the mind and body. It is therefore crucial for these drivers to have a support system in place, whether that be friends, family, or other drivers in their fleet. Taking the time to talk about any concerns or issues that they are facing can help these drivers feel more connected and supported.

The effects of stress on mental health and wellbeing
Driving while not in good mental health can be dangerous not only for the driver, but for other motorists on the road as well. It is therefore important for heavy vehicle drivers to be proactive in maintaining their mental health and wellbeing.

When drivers are feeling stressed out, they may find it more difficult to concentrate while driving or make rational decisions. This can lead to accidents and hazardous situations on the road. In addition, drivers who are feeling stressed out may also be more irritable and short-tempered with others, which can cause conflict and further accidents.

Maintaining good mental health is not only important for the driver’s safety but also for the safety of those around them. A heavy vehicle driver who is feeling stressed out or overwhelmed may find it helpful to talk to someone about their feelings and concerns. There are many resources available to help drivers stay mentally healthy, including counsellors, support groups, and online forums. Drivers should seek out whatever resources work best for them and make sure to use them regularly.

When it comes to maintaining mental health and wellbeing, prevention is always better than cure. By being proactive in taking care of their mental health, heavy vehicle drivers can avoid dangerous situations on the road as well as costly and time-consuming trips to the doctor or a therapist. Maintaining good mental health is not only important for the individual driver, but also for the safety of everyone on the road.

Ways to manage stress while driving
There are many ways that heavy vehicle drivers can improve their mental health and wellbeing. Some methods include exercise and such things as:

Listening to music
Listening to audiobooks
Calling a friend or family member
Watching television shows or movies
Playing games on a phone or tablet

These are all great methods for managing stress while driving. By utilising one or more of these techniques, drivers can help keep their minds occupied and avoid dangerous distractions. It is important to find what works best for each individual driver, as everyone handles stress differently. What might work for one person may not work for another, so it is important to be proactive in seeking out healthy coping mechanisms.

The benefits of maintaining good mental health and wellbeing for heavy vehicle drivers
The benefits of maintaining good mental health and wellbeing are many, and include:

Reduced stress levels
Improved focus and concentration
Enhanced decision-making abilities
Increased productivity
Accidents and injuries are less likely to occur.

Internet Marketing – What Are the Pros and Cons?

Are you looking for the easiest and effective way to market? Business marketing is now one of the largest methods to make money. There are lots of successful businessmen who keep themselves updated with the latest trends in marketing. If you want to achieve the peak of success in this field, you might enter internet marketing. This style requires the use of technological support to fully attain the productivity of the business. This is one of the massively used business marketing styles by most of the large business marketing companies.

What is internet marketing?

This is the latest marketing style that is also known as online marketing. This involves the use of web and electronic mail to advertise and to directly sell products. This is possibly manifested through the help of electronic commerce that serves as the gateway of sales from websites to other sites. This marketing method is the development of traditional advertising such as magazines, newspapers, television and radio.

What are the areas of internet marketing?

This marketing method that uses the power of internet is divided into several areas including:

Social Media
Are you fond of visiting social network sites? Are you often of giving comments and tagging photos? Then, this is one way to market products. Social media comprises both marketing and advertising acts which commonly include viral marketing. The largest social network sites that can help you advertise and market products are Twitter, Digg, YouTube and Facebook.

This marketing style involves the presence of affiliate marketing websites, e-commerce websites, informative websites, organic search engine results through SEO and online advertising on search engines.

This area of online marketing encompasses advertising and promotional marketing acts that use e-mail messages directly to present and potential customers.

What are the advantages?

The world is now getting smarter and more advanced. There are successful business advertisers and marketers who shift from traditional to modern marketing style. Internet marketing is now the world’s primary marketing and advertising method to win more clients. This marketing method brings several advantages such as:

low cost
One of the important benefits of engaging into this internet or online marketing is the capacity to reduce marketing cost. Specifically, this will help to save you from staffing cost, location, and financial management.

Marketing through the use of internet is a better way to get the attention of the people. There are lots of people who are using internet for several purposes. According to some studies, there are millions of online users who can see online advertising every day.

Making money through online is much easier than the traditional marketing methods. You have a great opportunity to get more clients within a short period of time. This method does not require too much time and effort to make a deal with your potential clients. By simply clicking the site, they can have transaction with you. In the present time, it is considered as the easiest way to market and advertise your products.

The main objective to the development and employment of modern marketing methods is to help business marketers in achieving consistent business production. Internet Marketing might have several benefits but it requires your knowledge and proper management to get the benefits that are right for you.